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We know you don't read complex terms, so we wrote them as simple as possible.


By using our service, you agree to our 'Terms of service', 'Privacy policy' and 'Cookie policy'.

If you do not agree with anything stated within these terms and policies, you should stop accessing our website and refrain from using our services.

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All content on our website - except your photos - is our property. You are not allowed to copy or reuse any of it without our written approval. Do not upload any content which might infringe copyrights. Any such content can be deleted without prior notice.

Fair use

The service we provide is to share your personal photos with other people. You are not allowed to use the service for any purpose which can be considered harmful to us or to the public. In such event we can delete your content without prior notice. We also have the right to block access or take any other measures we see fit for protecting our service. In case you are causing any harm or performance problem, we can block you from using our service. If you use our service for commercial reasons, you are required to upgrade to our paid plan. For paid plan holders all terms and policies remain applicable.

No account can contain more than 25GB of content.

Disallowed content

You are not allowed to upload content:

Data safety

We respect your content. We do not share this content with third parties or use it for commercial purposes. Your photos are yours. We also do our very best to keep your data safe. Be aware that albums belonging to free accounts may be removed in case there is no activity for a full year. For paid accounts this is unlimited, which means as long as the user remains paying member. After the retention period, or when the holder of a paying account stops paying or does not pay in time, the content will be deleted. Although we do our very best, we do not give any warranty towards the safety of your data. If your content is corrupt, missing or stolen you will not hold us responsible. Therefore, do NOT use this website to transfer confidential information.


We do not guarantee our services to be always available or running error-free. We will never be liable to you or to any third party for any damages arising out of use of our service.

Last Edited on 2015-11-29